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Driven by a keen interest in International relations after his graduation in Political Sciences at Grenoble University, HUBERT CUILLÉ obtained in 1974 a Master in International Business at the European Business School, PARIS-LONDON-FRANCFORT. He then gained valuable on-the-field experience as a business executive within a large International commodity trading group, travelling to more than 50 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia.

In 1987 his growing passion for contemporary Art combined with a strong lure for entrepreneurship led him to found his own Fine print publishing company in PARIS, which he later developed into a comprehensive Art agency, Curating and International Art dealing activity, now operating as ARTVISTA.


30 years in the heart of artistic creation have allowed him to put together a unique collection of contemporary artwork by outstanding artists, confirmed or emerging, a fine blend of National artists  with reputed « French touch » elegance as well as International talents with remarkable creations, whether on paper or on canvas, multiples or originals.

In 2014, ARTVISTA extended a step further by acquiring B.C. International, a company founded in PARIS in 1994 by Nicole Bassereau and Marie-France Corvol, two brilliant Art dealers who established over 20 years a wide network throughout the U.S.A of Fine art Galleries and major Professionals involved in Art and Design.

Since that date, U.S.A has become a stronghold in ARTVISTA’S activity with a regular program of 3 trips a year to present their latest collection, as shown in details in “TOURS AND EVENTS”.

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